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Do you need specialized flooring installation?

Flooring installation is not only a necessary part of the flooring process; it is the final step, bringing everything together for a perfect finish. The installation for every material is different and caters to the specific characteristic of the flooring. If you want to find out more about the various procedures, we’re right here to help.

The installation process for laminate will be different than the method used for installing luxury vinyl. And both of these processes are different from the one used to install solid hardwood. Hardwood, carpet, and tile are examples of specialized installation, requiring special tools and experience, and we have experts in these fields as well.

Choosing the right flooring installation

We often hear about the installation of floor coverings as a kind of blanket term. However, we have in-house installation teams that offer specialized expertise in specific areas of flooring. For instance, professional tile installers, carpet installers, and hardwood installers all work to provide the perfect installation in these specialized areas for the ideal results.
Materials such as laminate, luxury vinyl, and engineered flooring can feature a click and lock installation system that makes the process quick, easy, and successful. More expertise is required, however, when the materials happen to be tile, wood, or any other flooring that can be damaged or lose value due to a botched installation.

We work hard to assure that our professionals offer in the house installation that meets your particular need. So, if you purchase porcelain tile flooring that will be installed in a living area with a fireplace hearth, columns, or any other structural special needs, we will send out a team that has the experience, training, and tools that allow for a perfect completion of the project. We’ll make sure your floors are pleasing for the duration of their lifespan.

Before, during, and after the installation, our teams will be in constant contact with you. Upon completion of the task, we will do a final walkthrough with you and will be happy to answer any questions you might have about the entire installation, how to clean and maintain your floors, and any issues that you might be concerned about.

We are happy to give you the perfect flooring installation

If you’re ready to get this necessary process started for yourself, and you live in the areas of Ashburn, Lorton, Alexandria, Fairfax, or Woodbridge, VA, or all of D.C., Maryland, and Virginia, we invite you to visit Carpet Express at either of our showrooms. They are located in Lorton and Ashburn, VA. Our associates are standing by, so visit us today to get your flooring installation started right away.