SmartStrand Zoo Challenge

World’s Largest Land Mammal Versus World’s Toughest Carpet

If you add six elephants, three camels, one rhinoceros and 43,000 humans, how much of a mess can you get? Mohawk’s going to find out with the SmartStrand Zoo Challenge with the Human Habitat.

As you take advantage of the incredible savings during the 2010 Mohawk Anniversary Sale, here is your chance to see the durability and stain-resistance of SmartStrand with DuPont Sorona renewably sourced polymer carpet put to the ultimate test!

During the original SmartStrand Challenge at the Birmingham Zoo, we carpeted the zoo enclosure of our playful pal, the 2,800 lb. Ricko the Rhino and watched for 2 weeks as he pushed SmartStrand carpet to the absolute limits.

However, Ricko was no match for the dominating performance of this incredible carpet so we’re taking the SmartStrand Zoo Challenge to the next level!

The Dallas Zoo will be the host of an even bigger carpet demonstration: we are now letting SIX African elephants (the world’s largest land mammal!) take on SmartStrand:

Pitting Mohawk SmartStrand carpet against 45,000 pounds of African Elephants is the equivalent to enduring a household of 650 ten-year-old kids.

And in a repeat of last year’s stain challenge, Mohawk is putting SmartStrand under another messy Black Rhinoceros, all visible to Dallas Zoo visitors in Moyo’s new enclosure, and three camels as well.

We’ll monitor them as they go to and from their living quarters, trudging across the carpet and see if SmartStrand can handle the unbelievable abuse- a firsthand look at how SmartStrand will stand up to your wildlife at home.

While SmartStrand is being put through its paces under the animals, Mohawk Strand Woven Bamboo, Ceramic Tile and Laminate Flooring show they can endure homo sapiens in the Human Habitat. Special exhibits of rooms at the Dallas Zoo’s Reptile House will give 43,000 people a chance to experience the full breath of Mohawk’s offerings.

If you’re in Texas, be sure to visit the Dallas Zoo during October to see it for yourself. Join us and witness the ultimate test of resilience, stain resistance and durability!